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How Does it Work?

  • Take an Assessment to find your level. Click here to arrange the Assessment
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Payment Terms and Conditions

Group Classes
Groups classes are taught in blocks of 10 hours. Payment for group classes is made at the start of each block.

Cost of Classes: (cost per student per hour)
2 Students = £10
3 Students = £7
4 Students = £5
5 Students = £4
6 Students = £4

(Pease note that payment for group classes is non-refundable as the cost of the class is dependent on the number of members.)

One-to-One Classes

Cost of One-to-One classes:
£20 per 60 minute hour
(Payment for One-to-One Classes is made at the start of each month and classes may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.)

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